How long do tire changes take?

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How important are the tires on your vehicle?

Seems like a silly question doesn’t it since you can’t go anywhere without tires on the wheel. Do you know much about those tires though, like the frequency of tire installation and where the best place to have get tire services and more? 

What may seem like basic knowledge and common sense to many, tires aren’t at the top of everyone’s mind and there are more people that know less about this subject. So, read on as we answer some common questions and provide helpful information about tire installation and various tire services for a car. 

Is it OK to replace two tires at a time?

It isn’t a law or anything but mixing tires that are aged different and different brands or models can cause issues with the handling of your vehicle. However, because tires are expensive, it is understandable that many households can’t afford all four replaced in one tire installation. 

So, experts recommend replacing two on the rear and move the good used tires to the front. This can help in preventing your car from going into a spinout or oversteering on slick road conditions.

The other two tire installations should be replaced within six months, and hopefully you can get matching tires of the first two new ones. Is it OK to have mismatched tires? No, it is recommended that all four tires to be of the same brand, style, and tread as well as the tire installation for all four at the same time. 

The tread needs to be as close match between the four tires for the best traction, thus purchasing at the same time, they get the same road time for wear of the traction. Between the four tires, when they are different sizes, it makes the suspension unbalanced. 

Do you need an alignment after replacing tires?

Most tire service center locations include a tire alignment with the purchase with each new tire installation. If you have a new tire installation and they don’t include it suggest it, it is recommended to inquire and request they perform an alignment. 

Additionally, a wheel alignment is recommended after hitting a large bump or pothole, running over an animal. Any type of driving condition that could have knocked your vehicle’s wheels out of alignment, you should get a professional alignment at any tire services open, not just where you had your tire installation performed. 

How long can you drive on new tires without alignment?

Although it is strongly recommended NOT to drive without having your tire installation include an alignment, it can depend on the quality of the tires, the roadways, and your driving habits. Even the smallest misalignment can shorten the lifespan of your tires by a few thousand miles. If the misalignment is major, you’ll be lucky to get  a few hundred miles lifespan from your tire installation. 

What happens if you don’t align your tires?

Even after a new tire installation wheel alignment, you should have regular alignment checks to catch the small issues that aren’t obvious. An atypical tire wear is caused by a wrong toe angle, and the car will casually loose its alignment from that wrong angle. Did you know that you get less gas mileage from a car that is misaligned?  Here are some other signs your car is misaligned: 

  • Pulling: Sometimes, when the steering is pulling, it can be caused by the road conditions, like grooves in the asphalt that isn’t evenly spaced with the axles of your car.  
  • Worn Pars: The bushings, shocks, springs, struts, and tires will wear out from misalignments of the wheels. Tires also wear out faster when the air pressure isn’t right, having the air checked in your tires should be a weekly visit to your mechanic, especially when the weather is really cold or really hot. 
  • Steering Wheel Off-Center: Misalignment can cause the steering or suspension parts to wear and the steering wheel to be off-centered. 
  • Vibration: This is usually an indication the tires need balancing, but a wheel alignment should be included with that service to cover all bases. 
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Putting the Rubber to The Road

The engine and transmission are key to making your car run and move. However, with out the tires and wheels, your car isn’t going to go anywhere. Because your tires are essential to safe driving on the roadways today, it is worthy of setting the budget aside to replace all for when getting new tire installation. 

The safety of you and your passengers is important and nothing can replace having good rubber on the road, especially when traveling a long distance on the highway. The tires, much like the engine and transmission needs professional service from time to time and as the owner of your vehicle, it is your responsibility to follow through with these things on a routine basis. Call __PHONE__ today for tire services.