Signs of Failing Wheel Bearings

Mechanic Holding Tire

Uneven Tire Wear and Tear is a Major Sign of Bearing Damage

Though the engine and transmission get the most attention from vehicle owners, wheel bearings can actually cause major problems for your car’s operation as well. Signs of failing wheel bearings are not always easy to notice, but catching them early can help prevent more significant damage in the future. If you believe you require wheel bearing replacement in Inglewood, CA, call L.A. N.T.X. Transmissions at 310 672-8131. In the meantime, look for these signs of failing wheel bearings:

Grinding Noise

If you hear a clearly audible grinding sound coming from areas near your tires, you have identified one of the signs of damaged bearings. The cause is heat excess and lack of lubrication coming from your wheels. You will likely notice the sound coming more distinctly for one tire area, rather than all 4.

Uneven Tire Wear

Tires can sustain damage for a variety of reasons, but uneven tire wear is an indication of bad bearings. If either the right or left tire appears to have more wear than the other one, a bearing replacement is likely the best course of action.

Vibrating Steering Wheel

Another sign of damaged wheel bearings is a vibrating steering wheel. This will be one of the most noticeable symptoms since your hands will literally feel the vibration from the wheel. Additionally, this sign should be noticeable regardless of how fast or slow your vehicle is moving. As long as your foot is on the accelerator, the symptom will become apparent.