Does Your Transmission Need Repairs?

transmission repairs

Can you recognize transmission problems?

While many drivers know a thing or two about their vehicles, there are some things that can be harder to recognize than others. For example, do you know how to spot transmission problems? Your transmission plays a key role in the operation of your car, so it is important to recognize the indications of transmission failure.

Transmission fluid is different from motor oil, in that it should never be used or burned up. When you check the fluid, it should be pink and translucent. Any time your transmission fluid appears to be dark or burnt, your transmission is running too hot. Be sure to call your mechanic ASAP!

Other things to look out for include burning odors, unusual noises, delayed movement, and of course, your vehicle’s warning lights. A burning odor can indicate that your transmission is overheating, which cause the fluid to turn a dark color, and produce that bunt odor. If you are hearing strange sounds, such as grinding when you change gears, that can be another sign that your transmission is struggling. In automatic vehicles, this struggling is indicated by a whining or buzzing noise, as opposed to grinding. When you change gears, your vehicle should respond smoothly. Hesitation from your vehicle is a sign of transmission, or even clutch problems. Last but not least, always pay attention to your vehicle’s warning lights. Most newer model vehicles can alert you when your transmission is overheating, so if it lights up, pull over and contact a mechanic as soon as you can.

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