Inglewood, CA Wheel Bearing Replacement Service

pic1Wheel bearings may not be as recognizable as the engine or transmission, but they are still very crucial to the operation of any vehicle. The wheel bearing generally consists of a metal housing that contains a row of ball bearings that provide for smooth linear movement when the wheel is put into motion. Over time, problems can arise with wheel bearings due to the natural wear and tear they are subjected to. Wheel bearings are not designed to last forever, and they will eventually fail and need to be replaced. In order to protect the bearings, they are sealed with oil seals to prevent dirt and other debris from entering the housing and fouling them up. If this happens, the housing can become clogged with dirt and it will prevent the bearings from operating correctly. If a wheel bearing fails completely, it can render the car inoperable as there is nothing in place to keep the wheel on its proper alignment.

When a wheel bearing starts to fail, it will often result in a noisy rubbing sound that will get louder as speed increases. A faulty wheel bearing can also result in vibration from the suspension, as well as irregular steering as the wheel rotates unevenly around the bearing. Inglewood, CA wheel bearing service & repair is not something that most vehicle owners can do at home, simply because it can be quite dangerous. In order to check the wheel bearings for problems, the car or truck must be jacked up off the ground so that the wheel can be tested. If the wheel moves excessively when pushed on, chances are that the wheel bearing needs to be replaced. When you bring your vehicle in to L.A. NTX Transmissions, our mechanics can often perform such an inspection in a matter of minutes, whereas it may take over an hour for someone to perform such an inspection at home. In order to service or replace a wheel bearing in Inglewood, the wheel, brakes and hub all have to be removed; this can be a ttime-consumingprocess, especially without the use of industrial automotive tools.

The Best Wheel Bearing Repair Service in Inglewood, CA!

Bring your vehicle in to L.A. NTX Transmissions for the best Wheel bearing replacement service in Inglewood, CA. Our mechanics can repair, replace and service wheel bearings on a variety of different vehicles, ranging from Jeep to Jaguar.