What Does A Transfer Case Do?

transfer-case-150x150Do you have 4 wheel drive? If you do, you probably love using it. But, do you know what all goes into it? Your 4 wheel drive includes a part called the transfer case. This part proves important to a functioning 4 wheel drive vehicle. We’ve put together a brief overview about it:

The transfer case gets connected to the transmission of your vehicle. Other names for it include “jockey box”, ‘transfer box”, and “transfer gear case”.

One of the functions of this part includes taking power from the transmission and giving it to the axles. Many 4 wheel drive vehicles control this manually, giving them the ability to switch between 2 & 4 wheel drive. Another function, similar to a car’s differential, includes synchronizing the speed of tire rotations for the front and back tires, which usually have different sizes. Also, they can get used to lock the front or back wheels to provide extra traction when those wheels get stuck in the mud.

We hope this helped you understand your vehicle a little bit better. If you require transfer case repair or other auto services, LA NTX Transmissions has you covered. To find out more, drop by our shop or give us a call at (310) 672-8131.