Interesting Car Facts

car-33633_150We drive them every day, yet so many of us know so little about our cars. The technical stuff we can usually leave up to the mechanics, but other factors exist that we should be aware of. They don’t have to be boring, either. We’ve put together a few interesting car facts to prove it:

Fact #1:

In the movies, car thieves always target the coolest, most expensive cars out there. They should give back the biggest payout, right? Wrong; the cars that most often get stolen tend to include the common makes and models. Honda Civics and Accords rank the highest.

Fact #2:

Everyone knows one of the biggest prizes on game shows involves winning a new car; unfortunately, you still have to pay sales tax on them in the United States. Winning a $30,000 car for “free” will mean paying back the government $6,000.

Fact #3:

Driverless cars may seem like a thing of the future, but many companies have already started the process of their creation. One of the most advanced instances of this has come from none other than Google. Their driverless cars have logged over 300,000 miles on actual roads. Two accidents have occurred: one from a manual driver and the other from another motorist. Things have been looking up for this technology. The horrible implications of driver error may soon be a thing of the past.

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