Signs of Transmission Trouble

Signs of Transmission Trouble

Transmission are an extremely vital part of your vehicle. Transmissions control your gear shifts and speed variations. They also control your vehicle’s torque. It is exceedingly important that you maintain the health of your transmission and keep it running well. Here are some sign that will you if your transmission is having an problems or trouble.

Doesn’t Go Into Gear

Refusing to go into gear is a common sign of transmission problems for a manual car. A transmission that doesn’t move when you push down on the clutch and try to shift into gear is a clear sign of a transmission problem. Low transmission fluid could be the issue that’s causing the problem. If  there is a burning smell when you drive it’s most likely because your transmission is over heating.

No Response

Transmissions are designed to go into gear correctly every time you shifts gears. If there is a lack of or no response when shifting gears, there is definitely an issue with your transmission. A transmission problem for a manual car is having its engine rev up after a shift, but the car won’t be moving as quickly as the engine. An automatic car will experience problems with shifting from park to drive and will have a lack of response if there’s a transmission problem.

Other Signs of Transmission Trouble

  • Whining Noises
  • Clunking Noises
  • Humming Noises
  • Grinding or Shaking
  • Leaking Fluids
  • An Engaged Check Engine Light
  • Dragging Clutch
  • Slipping Gears

If you’re experiencing any of the signs of transmission trouble in Inglewood, CA,  call NTX Auto & Transmission. We are transmission experts that will have your transmission running again quickly and affordably.