How Brake Fluid Works

Brake fluid is one of the most vital components for your vehicle’s braking system and safety.

When you press on your brake, it causes your brake calipers to compress and squeeze on your brake rotors,which slows down your vehicle. Your brake is connected to brake lines that control the braking of all four wheels. Your brakes rely on the brake lines to control the brake pads on all four wheels with just one action. The brakes line are filled with brake fluid.

Brake fluid reduces the friction and heating of the brake lines, when they’re relaying the energy of the braking pressure on your brakes to slow down or stop your vehicle. Brake fluid is ideal for this use, because of its non-compressible properties. It’s hard to overheat, boil or evaporate brake fluid.Hydraulic_disc_brake_diagram-300x290

When brake fluid is old, worn down and overheats, it can cause your brakes to not work properly. Overheated brake fluid causes air to get into your braking system. Air in the braking system causes your brakes to feel and be unresponsive. If your having trouble with your brakes and they feel unresponsive, have a mechanic look at them and see if they need new brake fluid or repairs.