Does Your Car Need Spring Maintenance?

Mechanic Checking Fluids as Part of Spring Maintenance

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As winter starts to fade into spring, you may be thinking about doing a thorough cleaning on your home or desk at work. While you’re in the mood for spring cleaning, don’t forget about spring maintenance for your car. Spring is a great time to complete some quarterly services on your car to keep it running in the best possible condition. If you need someone to help with your car tune-up this spring, contact the office at L.A. NTX Transmissions.

Steps for Spring Maintenance

When the seasons change, it’s a great reminder to perform some routine maintenance on your car. This can keep your car parts running better for longer. Here are some tips for your car’s spring maintenance.

Give it a Thorough Spring Cleaning
When the weather starts to warm up, it’s a great time to wash the underside of your car, which has been collecting mud, dirt, and salt throughout the winter season. We also recommend that you vacuum the inside of your car to remove dirt and debris from the floorboards. Finally, complete your spring maintenance by removing trash from the glove box and making sure your car documents are up to date.

Check the Tires
Colder temperatures during the winter months can have a negative impact on your car’s tire pressure. This can impact how the tire wears down as your drive on it. Early spring is a great time to examine the wear and tear on your tires, as well as check the tire pressure.

Once you’ve finished cleaning the car and checking the tires, the final step for your car’s spring maintenance is to bring it into the shop so we can check the brakes, transmission and timing belt. Call our office at 310 672-8131 to schedule the appointment today.