Sleep Deprivation And Increased Crash Rate

car-wreck-150x150Here at L.A. NTX Transmissions, we want our community to stay safe. Unfortunately, when not used responsibly, cars have a very high potential to cause damage. While we all know about the dangers of drunk driving today, other comparable risks exist – sleep deprivation one of them. We’ve put together a little information here to explain how it causes an increased crash rate.

Sleep Deprived Driving:

Anyone who has ever experienced a car wreck can tell you that they happen seemingly out of nowhere; one second of lost focus can ruin a lifetime on the road. Without proper rest, your ability to pay attention will become compromised.

  • 1/3 of those surveyed by the National Sleep Foundation reported that they had fallen asleep behind the wheel in their lifetime.
  • Also according to the NSF, young adults, adults with children, and night shift workers all had the highest rates of sleep deprived driving.

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