Maintaining the Air Filters in Your Vehicle

Keeping your car running smoothly requires some occasional maintenance. Not all maintenance requires taking up a lot of your time and energy either! There are some simple tasks to keep your vehicle in great shape that takes only a couple minutes to complete. This includes replacing the air filters in your vehicle. There are two air filters that need to be maintained:Filter for Automotive Engine

The engine uses an air filter in order to trap dirt and debris that could otherwise enter into the engine and cause damage to the inner workings of the engine including the cylinders, pistons, and etc. The filter also prevents debris from interfering with the airflow sensor. Check up on the engine air filter any time the oil is changed or at least once annually. This will help reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle and improve its lifespan.

The second air filter is used to keep the air inside the vehicle clean. It’s used to trap dirt, pollen, and other debris to improve ventilation. Replacing this filter will help keep your vehicle’s HVAC system working properly. A dirty filter can prevent the system from working properly and can actually damage it over time. It’s recommended that you change out this filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

Even small maintenance tasks like replacing an air filter, can help improve your vehicle’s performance and help it last longer. If your vehicle is due for more extensive maintenance, contact L.A. NTX Transmission today. We’re available for automotive services in Inglewood, CA. Give us a call at 310 672-8131 for more information.