How Can I Increase My Miles Per Gallon?

Fuel Efficiency Tips

fuel-2741_640-300x210With gas prices well over the $3 mark, every vehicle owner is striving to become as fuel efficient as possible. If you have wondered how you can increase your miles per gallon when driving, check out our fuel efficiency tips. By following these easy guidelines you can save yourself from spending more than you need to at the pump.

Leave racing for the track

sign-44348_640-240x300Stomping on your accelerator can cost you greatly in fuel efficiency. It has been calculated that for every 5 miles you go over 60 mph you are losing the equivalent of an extra $.20 a gallon. And when you brake excessively and accelerate rapidly you will make this situation even worse. Save racing for the track. Instead, when you are going places accelerate gently and slowly. Choose a speed that is safe, but consistent.

Shed the excess

Although bike racks, storage containers and luggage holders are often designed for the roof of your car, avoid putting large items on your roof if at all possible. Look for luggage and bike racks that are created for the back of your vehicle instead. The drag caused by items on your roof will cost you greatly in gas mileage.

Air Up

valve-cap-58721_640-300x225Under inflated tires can reduce your gas mileage by up to 25%! Check your tire pressure and ensure it is at the recommended level. Properly inflated tires will save you money at the pump. However, over inflated tires will not get better gas mileage. Fill them only to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Tender Loving Care

Your vehicle deserves some TLC. Taking care of routine maintenance will not only improve the longevity of your car, it will also provide better gas mileage. Even a dirty air filter can reduce your gas mileage by up to 20%! Take your car in for a tune-up if it hasn’t been serviced recently.

By paying attention to these quick tips, you can increase your vehicle’s miles per gallon and save yourself on gas money.