How Box Truck Transmission Works

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Who makes the best box truck transmission?

A box truck has a cab where the driver and passenger sit, and a cargo area behind it, typically used for commercial purposes. The name “box truck” comes from the cargo area being a box shape. A box truck transmission is heavier duty than a pickup truck because of how it is built and because it may carry heavier loads. A box truck transmission and engine are both important features to get the most power and use of the box truck, an important feature for any business with deliveries to be made .

In addition to an engine, the box truck with transmission may come in automatic or manual shift. To drive a box truck, whether it is automatic or manual box truck transmission, a basic Class D driver’s license is required. Most companies hiring a driver for their box truck, will typically require the applicant to be able to drive a manual box truck transmission. 

Box trucks come in a variety of designs, sizes, and types. So when you’re in the market for one, you want to get the right truck for your needs. Truck drivers are face with a variety of activities, many which are taxing on a box truck transmission and engine. Here is a list of the best box truck transmissions, engines, and other important features: 

  • Isuzu N-Series: Isuzu makes an ideal box truck transmission and engine for the  delivery professional that makes expedited delivery and long haul trips. Known for the durability, fuel efficiency, and reliability, this is the perfect box truck transmission and engine when  dependency and high performance are important.
  • Hino 155 & 195: A subsidiary of Toyota, Hino Motors is a Japanese manufacturer that has produced a trustworthy medium-duty box truck transmissions and engines for years. This is a sturdy box truck transmission and box ideal for heavy hauling and pallet shipping.
  • Freightliner M2 106: Known for being a popular and powerful box truck transmission and engine. A common choice for emergency vehicles because of the consistent durability and toughness. This box transmission is a workhorse that is ideal for bulky loads and long-distance hauling.
  • International RH Series: This manufacturer has a heavy-duty box truck transmission and engine that hauls freight, offering maneuverability, high productivity, and versatility. This box truck transmission is available in automatic or manual shift, a day cab, and a sleeper cab that offer ample room for comfort. Perfect for long road trip hauls. 
  • Ford E-Series Cutaway: This box  truck transmission is ideal for furniture delivery. A versatile truck in light-duty to medium-duty durability with dual or single rear-wheel cutaway. A 6-speed automatic box truck transmission that carries GVWR of 10,050 pounds with ease. 

Who makes the most reliable transmission?

The Ford box truck transmission on their commercial vehicles are the most popular used truck in North America. Ford offers lines of quality cargo van, passenger van, and pickup truck. The Ford Cutaway trucks are chosen by most fleet managers for their box truck transmission. 

Will box truck start without transmission fluid?

Can you start box truck without transmission? An automatic transmission yes, with a manual transmission, no. Which means the manual transmission needs to have ample transmission to engage the clutch when starting, the same as with a car with a manual transmission.  

You can start a box truck with the transmission in neutral if low on transmission fluid. It is important to know how to check box truck transmission fluid as well as the oil and water. Like a car, a box truck needs these fluid to operate properly. 

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Why is my box truck transmission slipping?

If you’re getting slow response at takeoff, your box truck transmission may be the problem. The following are possible causes why your box truck transmission is slipping: 

  • Burned transmission fluid.
  • Low on transmission fluid.
  • Starter solenoid failing.
  • Transmission band broken or worn out. 
  • Clutch has gone out.
  • Transmission gears are worn out.
  • Issues with the torque converter.

A box truck transmission cost to parts to repair can start around $1,500, depending on what is wrong with the box truck transmission and reach $4,000 or more. A box truck transmission, engine are paired up to work together. Not any box truck engine and box truck transmission can fit and work together. 

An experience truck mechanic or salesperson can aid in fitting the right box truck transmission with the existing engine. Most box truck engines  are diesel powered,  but there are a line of lower cost gasoline engines available too. Either way, diesel or gas engine, the horsepower needs to be no less than 175hp and no more than 300hp. With the box truck transmission geared to fit the size of horsepower. Call __PHONE__ today for box truck transmission repair in Inglewood, CA.