Does Your Car Need a Tune Up?

mechanic performs car tune up

An Easy Way To Remember To Get A Tune Up Is By Getting One Whenever You Get An Inspection

Being a responsible car owner and driver means taking care of your car by getting auto maintenance services such as tune ups. Tune ups for cars are like a human’s 6 month health checkup. In fact, a tune up is extremely affordable and basically works like how a state-regulated auto inspection works. If you have brought your car in for a specific reason, your mechanic will locate and identify the problem, tell you how much repairs will be, and proceed with the service with your permission. If you need a tune up in Inglewood, CA, call L.A. NTX Transmissions at (310) 672-8131. Not getting a tune up leaves you more vulnerable with side-of-the-road breakdowns and flat tires.

There are some telltale signs you can spot that signify you need a tune. Midfiring engines indicate that something is wrong in the engine. Don’t panic and think it is a big expensive repair. It could be something simple like a loose valve. If your car is slow to accelerate all of the sudden, your air filters could be clogged. Your car’s air filters need to be changed just like regular air conditioning filters. And obviously, if your check engine light is on, your car is telling you itself that it is damaged.

What Happens in a Tune Up?

  • Replace spark plugs and wires
  • Replace the distributor cap and rotor
  • Adjust idle speed and air-to-fuel ratio if needed
  • Replace air filter, if not recently replaced
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replace worn belts
  • Replace PCV valve
  • Possible cleaning of fuel injection system
  • Oil and filter change