Why You Should Get Regular Oil Changes

car-33633_150Regular oil changes are necessary for the upkeep of your vehicle’s engine. Generally, the rule of thumb is to take your car in for a change every 3,000 miles. Here’s how oil changes help keep your ride running smoothly:

To keep the engine lubricated:

Big chains of hydrocarbons in the oil alleviate friction between the pistons and piston walls. This friction would otherwise destroy the engine. Over time, the friction breaks down these chains, and the oil needs replacing.

To stop contaminants from building up:

Over time, contaminants from the air and within the vehicle’s engine begin to build up in the oil. When they begin to coagulate, they start to stick to motor parts and cause damage to the engine. These contaminants are drained out during every oil change.

To have the oil filter changed:

Regarding contaminants, the oil filter’s job is to keep these out. However, once these contaminants have accrued within the oil filter, it becomes less effective. These filters are generally replaced during every oil change.

To keep necessary oil levels:

Checking your car’s oil level is easy; it should be done on a monthly basis. If the oil level falls below its minimum limit, serious damage to the engine will follow. Regular oil changes virtually ensure that this will never happen.


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