Inglewood, CA Replacement Pinion Seal


You car contains a wide variety of different seals, hoses, and gaskets. They’re made from durable materials to be able to withstand the elements and the harsh environment of a combustion engine, but it’s almost inevitable that, at one point or another, you’re going to develop a leak. The Pinion Seal can be found right at the spot where the axle hits the differential. The seal is there to ensure all of the oil and lubricating fluids don’t leak out, which is important because a differential is basically a box full of metal gear and moving parts. Without oil, you get grinding and increased wear and tear.

If you suspect that you might have developed a leak in your pinion seal, bring your car by our shop in Inglewood, CA for a pinion seal replacement that will repair the leak.

Repair a Leaking Pinion Seal

It’s important not to put off this kind of repair because a leaky pinion seal can lead to much more costly and time-consuming repairs if ignored. Lose enough oil, and the differential could seize up.

The first sign of a bad pinion seal is usually a stain on the cement beneath your car. If you have an idea of where the differential is on your make, you might have a better idea of what’s causing the leak. A leaking pinion seal can be a bit messier than your normal leak, however. As oil leaks from the bad seal, it runs on to the axle which spins at high speeds while you drive. This throws the oil all over the underside of your car, and if it gets in to your brake or brake pads, it can give you additional problems.

If you’re having trouble with leaks, or you’ve been looking for a pinion seal replacement in Inglewood, CA, then stop by NTX Transmissions! Call or come in to the shop, and we’ll be happy to help answer all of your questions!