How to Prepare an Emergency Car Kit

emergency car kit

If you ever find yourself stranded, you’ll feel thankful for your emergency car kit.

You never know what might happen out on the road. Especially in the summer, a driver should stay prepared with an emergency car kit. As temperatures rise, cars become more likely to overheat. While on a road trip, you could find yourself stuck with car trouble in the middle of nowhere. To stay prepared for any scenario, you’ll want to pack your kit according to three categories.


These items help ensure your basic safety while stranded on the road. First and foremost, you’ll want to include drinking water. You should also invest in a high-quality first aid kit, and blankets in case you remain stuck in a cold environment. Sunblock will also help, as will an emergency cell phone charger.


Aside from basic safety, you’ll want to provide for sanitation. Pack some toilet paper in your kit, along with hand sanitizer. If you have an infant, you’ll want to pack extra diapers and wipes. A plastic tablecloth can also prove handy, as you can spread it on the ground to prepare a meal.


On the subject of meals, you definitely want to include some food in your emergency car kit. Energy bars make an excellent choice, as do bagged nuts. You could also include packs of tuna, Gatorade, trail mix, or beef jerky.

While these three categories should get priority, you can also include items to help pass the time. A deck of cards makes a smart inclusion, as does a book or two. To avoid getting stranded due to transmission problems, contact L.A. NTX Transmissions today at 310 672-8131 for service in Inglewood, CA.